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Thread: Sodastream CO2 Bottles

  1. Sodastream CO2 Bottles

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    Just wondering if anyone has ever plugged up a sodastream CO2 bottle to their paintball marker. Reading on the side of the bottle it says 250BAR (~3600psi) and the threads on it are exactly the same size as the ones used for paintball.

    Just wondering if you've done it, what was the end result?

    alternatively, has anyone plugged a 3000psi paintball bottle onto their sodastream and made a carbonated drink with it?

    in both directions it could be handy as a backup bottle in case one runs out.

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    You might be able to use it, if it has the proper regulator on it. If the air/co2 is not regulated, you run the risk of having a very dangerous outcome. Most blow-back markers run at 600-850 psi. From what little I know, carbonation units run at 5-30 psi, nowhere near enough to run even a low pressure electro.

    Co2 bottles are actually measured by their weight, and not pressure. It's HPA that is measured in psi. Personally I would stick to a bottle designed for paintball, and that comes with the proper regulator. As has been mentioned, HPA and CO2 are very dangerous things to play with, so if we seem overly cautious it's because there is a very good reason.

    has anyone plugged a 3000psi paintball bottle onto their sodastream and made a carbonated drink with it?
    For carbonation you will need to use CO2, and a 3000 psi HPA bottle probably won't work for that. You'll need to use a bottle for CO2, and a special regulator. Check out Palmers Pursuit's web catalogue here for one. Just scroll down the page a bit and you'll see it.

    Just a reminder, (as this cannot be stressed enough) that HPA and CO2 are dangerous and can kill, please take care when working with them.

  3. Now that's the answer I was after! one that assists me in learning why, not just telling me that I cant!

    No where in my original post did I say that I was going to do it... I just wanted to know if the theory was correct or not. Compressed gas scares the living 5hit outa me, so much so that I won't even refill my own bottles at the field yet. took me a couple of months to get the confidence to simply attach and detatch my own bottle from my marker.

    Cheers Rubixcube!

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    No worries. I go by the old saying that there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers.

  5. My thoughts exactly... No way in hell I'm going to be applying for a Darwin award!

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    Guy's i know somebody who has been filling his sodastream via co2 fill for years
    it works just fine
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    not that i'm making any suggestions....
    the old green soda bulbs are 9 gram co2 cartridges...
    some air pistols use 12 grams co2 cartridges....
    some paintball pistols.. that we can't get here use 12 grams c02 the tiberus 8 gets maybe 25 shots per cartridge...

    12 gram co2 are avaible from some gun shops.

    you can get via speacail ops paintball an adapter to let you use a 12 grams c02 cartridge on your a-5...
    with an a-5 you get less that 12.. i think 8 shots... per cartridge....

    now basically i think i can be done...but i am personall not willing to try... not with a marker that costs around $400..
    and seeing you only get 10 shots... seems piontless...

    Now the bigger 1 litre bottle sized soda streams... seems to me too much pressure to be fooling around just for fun..those things make a huge bang... so i'd suggest just using the normal approved stuff.

    but please don't get yourself killed or partly blown up with a paintball marker... it will work against everyone else trying to prove that we are a safe sport.

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    Get one of these little fellas.

    I have one of the 16 gram adapters that I can run on my Phantom. Only use them because I can get them for free and 12's are hard to get.

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    For a safe bet, only use equipment that has been checked and approved by Australian standards. Goes without saying really.

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    co2 is stored as a liquid in the cylinder, it is filled by weight in OZ or Grams - it maintains a similar pressure continually throughout use and dies out quickly as the cylinder empties ( hence that 'farting' sound co2 powered markers make as they die from lack of gas ), the reg on your co2 capable marker is what bring's the cylinder pressure down to the operating pressure of your marker.

    Generally, most players will try to avoid co2 as it spikes quite a bit, is bad on your o-rings.. and can be a bit dangerous if mistreated..

    Just as a hint, dont mess with compressed gasses - you only get 1 chance at life... and if you stuff up with a cylinder full of compressed whatever, that will definitely ruin your day or kill you if you mess up.
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